At Kreative Property Group we take our role as property managers seriously. So when you entrust us to manage your property, we believe we have a duty to protect your investment and maximise your long-term returns.

We also believe that this begins with finding the right tenants. Then it continues by keeping the lines of communication open, making sure we deal with concerns promptly while offering guidance and practical experience when any issues arise.

Taking the stress out of leasing
To make the leasing process as efficient for you as possible, we’ve also put considerable time and energy into building a database of tenants that we can match to your property. Not only does this often help you find a tenant fast and minimise any vacant periods, it also takes away much of the uncertainty involved in leasing.

We treat every investment property as though it’s our own. That means we apply the same professionalism, commitment and attention to each and every residence for which we’re responsible.

Our services include:
1. Strategic marketing options
2. A personal, boutique approach
3. One property manager throughout the whole leasing process
4. Owner & Tenant Portals
5. Income and expenditure statements
6. Get paid the same day that the tenant pays. Real-time payments mean you get your money sooner. You have the option to authorise invoices and you will have access to view transactions from any date period – similar to an internet banking account. You have full transparency over the management of your property. Giving you complete flexibility and ease of mind.
7. Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly statements
8. Everything you need is at hand. Access Authorities, Lease Agreements, Condition Reports and Routine Reports; all stored on Marshall White Managed. You can even authorise maintenance and be updated until completion. All the information you need, all in one place.
9. Extensive database of reputable tradespeople
10. Access all of your property’s performance stats, home loan and equity tracking cash flow forecasts and financial summaries consolidated into one place. You will have access to depreciation calculators and purchasing tools such as feasibility and home loan calculators.
11. Access to a sales team for advice, information or problem solving

Get in touch to find out how we can help you lease your property on the best terms