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    Ali Asivandi

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    Kesh Highway

    Thanks to Kreative PG for leasing my property so quickly! From signing to leasing, it all went smoothly. I appreciate... read more

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    Ivi Haryanto
  • Amninder was upfront and honest about the property, what we could expect and things we could do.He made everything simple... read more

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    Mahesh Iyer

    positive review Now I believe trading is better than working I have received my profit, I have been in so much debts... read more

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    Reh Moh Filwe

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    Zamoh Lastborn Yase Mayirheni
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    Yvonne Vanessa Bushu

    I am very happy as a buyer for this agency.Ravinder is extremely helpful and very responsive to the queries.No issues... read more

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    Navdeep Kaur Brar

    We had the privilege of using Amninder's services to firstly manage our rental property, then to sell the same home.... read more

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    Kim Ngaheu
  • For buyers I couldn’t suggest to go with these agents, I have gone through a lot as a buyer. The... read more

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    koya anudeep

    Great customer service . Highly recommended .

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    Nirmal Kumar Selvaraj

    Ahsan at Kreative Property does a great job looking after my property, finding new tenants and communicating about all aspects... read more

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    Amjad Awan
  • This is the second time we have used Kreative Property Group and they didn’t let us down.We purchased a property... read more

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    Dianne Kerp

    Great service reliable hardworking team allways happy to help highly recommended

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    Matthew Hall

    Extremely knowledge and highly professional!

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    Sathish Kailasam
  • Professioanl service with highly satisfactory communication & actions.

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    Azeem Alvi

    Going through Kreative Property Group has been an excellent experience. Knowing my property is in good hands gives my family... read more

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    Gwen Freeman

    My experience with Amninder Singh from Kreative Property Group was excellent. He was my agent during the House buying process... read more

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    Poorna Pemasena
  • positive review My experience with Amninder Singh from Kreative Property Group was excellent. He was my agent during the House buying process... read more

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    Poorna Vindika Pemasena

    Amninder has been so great to work with. He got our house rented before advertising and has been very knowledgeable... read more

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    Cassandra Cowdroy

    Kreative got us a great price we thought we would not achieve, Aminder was very professional helpful, and kept in... read more

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    Howell Hector
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    Yajuli Sabo

    I highly recommend Kreative Property Group and their service. They were efficient, easy to work with and highly professional. We... read more

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    hartej gill

    From tenants to property owner. Amninder has helped ua from scratch and made the process looks so simple. Have been... read more

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    arsheen ok
  • I have recently bought our house from Kreative. Amninder was very professional and made the process very effortless for us.... read more

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    Mirza Baig

    positive review from tenants to home owner Amninder has provided guidance and made the process looks so simple. Thanks for providing all... read more

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    Soha Fatima

    positive review Amninder has provided excellent services and professional advices. he works efficiently & responsive throughout the home loan process, I'm happy... read more

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    Muthu Esakkimuthu
  • We recently bought our home with Amninder. He was friendly and professional. Would recommend him always.

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    Anil Ashokan

    Amninder provides an exceptionally high level of service to his clients. He is reliable, thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects... read more

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    Property Reports Plus Bookings

    Definitely one of the best! Highly recommended.

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    Alfred Tay